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    Friday, March 2, 2018

    Manohari Yakshini Ritual/Sadhana.

    Manohari Yakshini Ritual/Sadhana.

    *Mantra : Om Hreem Hum Hum Fatt Swaha Om Fatt Swaha, Om Hreem Fatt Swaha Manohari Yakshinye Namah!!!


    According to hindu religion Yakshini is said to be mystical being who controls different energies of this universe.There are different types of yakshini and each yakshini fulfills different needs of person(Sadhak). Manohari yakshini is also type of yakshini and the mantra is given above to invoke this yakshini.


    You have to start this ritual in the day of Saturday in swati nakshetra just after 12 at mid-night but before starting this ritual you have to give sweets and curd to small kids to eat in same saturday and take blessing from kids that whatever you're doing you may become successful.

    For the ritual you have to go to the peaceful jungle, and person have to put the statue of kaal bhairav one of the fearsome hindu god in the root of Ficus benghalensis tree(banyan tree) and have to sit infront of that statue and recite above mantra 2000 times daily using rudrakhsya beads mala which is made of black thread, person have make statue of dough and bury that at back of his/her own house.

    It is said that Manohari yakshini will come in front of you after 3 months from the day you start this ritual. She is said to be very beautiful and age is 16 years old girl when she appears in front of you.

    and it is said that when she appears in front of you the scent of flowers is felt in surrounding and you can see the various wild animals coming towards you. You should never get afriad in this ritual and it is said after you successfully complete this ritual Yakshini will always give you the desired things and will give you enough wealth but the person should never do wrong work using that wealth if he/she do so then yakshini will punish him for such deeds.

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