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    Monday, January 8, 2018

    The Permanent Passenger of Haunted Airplane Boeing 737-808

    The permanent passenger of haunted airplane boeing

    Thousands of people take flights every day. Some travel for work, others travel for pleasure. Regardless of the reason, there are hundreds of planes in the air around the globe, shuttling people from one city to another. After all, it is said that traveling by plane is one of the safest ways to travel, with ant problems or incidents that do occur only rarely taking place.

    Though many people give little thought to these flights that they take, there are always times when things can go wrong, and even with the best medical professionals in the world on board, tragedies can still happen. Few know this better than the Sterling Airlines, who had a woman pass away during a flight in the year 2002...

    The incident occurred on a massive Boeing 737-8Q8. The plane had flown thousands of miles, and though there had been minor medical situations every now and then, that was considered completely normal by the airlines and the staff, and there were medical personnel on board to help with any incidents that may have arised.

    The airlines thought they had everything under control no matter what situation happened, but they were finally met with an accident that they didn’t have any control over, and the outcome was a horrible one…

    It is reported that no one knows for sure what happened to the woman, and that she collapsed during the flight. The paramedics on board did everything they could to revive her, and managed to keep her alive until the plane landed in the nearest airport. Though there were more medical professionals on the ground waiting for her to get off the plane, it soon became clear that she wasn’t going to survive.

    Though the airlines handled the incident according to their policies, and the incident was dismissed as an unfortunate event, it wasn’t long before it became evident that the incident was far from over…

    Not long after the woman’s death, strange things began happening on the plane. At first, it was little things, such as people thinking they saw shadows moving when there was nothing to cast a shadow. But as time passed, the events became more prominent, and they happened more often.

    Carry-on items would mysteriously move from one compartment to another, without anyone seeing anything happen. Glasses and food would be knocked from the flight attendants’ carts when their backs were turned, but when they turned around, there would be no one there who could have caused it to happen.

    Items would go missing in the cockpit, only to be found in strange places – even the bathroom at the back of the plane. With time, the aircraft had a known reputation for being haunted, and has been nicknamed ‘The Yellow One’ by both staff and passengers alike.

    Certain staff members at the Copenhagen airport have refused to enter the plane for any reason – even when it is on the ground. There are those who state that they hear the sound of laughing and the sound of footsteps running through the plane when they are the only ones on board, and there are reports from both staff members as well as passengers that state that the sound of footsteps can be heard running on the roof of the aircraft – even when it is thousands of feet in the air…

    One woman who used to be part of the cleaning crew with the airport stated that she didn’t have a problem with The Yellow One until one night she was on board alone, and she clearly heard her name being called. She stated in her report that it was difficult to discern whether the voice belonged to a man or a woman, but it was evident that whoever it was knew her name. After calling out to see if anyone else was on board with her, she felt a sudden blast of air as something rushed past her…

    A second after this happened, the door to the bathroom at the back of the plane slammed shut, rattling the entire cabin. Terrified, the woman rushed out of the plane and asked if anyone outside had heard anything. After learning that they hadn’t even heard the slamming of the door, the worker refused to ever set foot on the plane again.

    Other people have reported similar experiences – some stating they heard someone calling their name, others saying they thought they felt something brush past them when they were alone.

    Needless to say, it wasn’t long before more reports swept through the airport, some being major encounters, while others said that things were merely moved from one area to the next. Even the passengers heard reports of these incidents, and some of them have changed their minds about flying on that plane because of them.

    It is said that there are passengers who have chosen to reschedule their flight when they learned that they were going to be going aboard The Yellow One, and several have stated that they believe the plane to be under a curse, and anyone who gets on board is risking their own lives in doing so.

    Though there has never been a report of seeing any apparitions, The Yellow One has gained the reputation of being one of the most haunted planes in the world. It is unclear if the entity that has possession of this plane is the spirit of the woman who died or if it is some sort of otherworldly being that has chosen to reside within the walls of the aircraft.

    But there is no doubt that something's happening on board....

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