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    Thursday, January 4, 2018

    The Peering Spirits of the Massacred Mandu(India)/Ghost City

    The Peering Spirits of the Massacred Mandu(India)/Ghost City

    War has plagued mankind ever since the dawn of civilization, and throughout the battles of the centuries, there have been very specific things those fighting have been fought for. One such thing is location. There is something so powerful about having a strategic location that makes everyone in the world want it.

    Mandu, an ancient ghost city nestled in the heart of India, has been a coveted place for thousands of years. The fortress in the center of this city bears evidence that it was constructed around 600 B.C. and since then, it has been the site of many bloody battles.

    For centuries, it has been passed back and forth between Islamic and Hindu dynasties, as both wished to have a hold of the impressive city. As many of the buildings have been constructed of pure stone, Mandu was able to withstand these bloody attacks – as well as the curse of time.

    The modern day city of Mandu is completely abandoned, and has become a popular tourist destination for many who are lured by the breathtaking structures and man-made lakes that surround the fortress.

    As the city has been abandoned for many years, the battles that happened there, took place before the rise of modern warfare – which means there were no rules of battle, and men would do horrific things to one another in the heat of the moment.

    It is said that women from the sultan’s harem would throw large stones from the second story of the fortress, crushing the skulls of the soldiers who stood on the ground. If the men did manage to overtake the fortress, these women would then be thrown head first to the stone ground below.

    It is believed that child sacrifice was also common in the city – both in times of war and in times of peace. Children up to ten years old were laid on stone alters and brutally murdered, sometimes by their parents, sometimes by the men they considered to be prophets.

    For hundreds of years, the city was steeped in violence, with bloodshed being a common occurrence. Eventually, men and women began moving away from the city, seeking more peaceful lives elsewhere. The population saw a steady decline until at last the city was completely abandoned…

    However, as it is rich in history and has many incredibly structures surrounding it, Mandu was preserved as a ghost town and has seen many tourists pass through its silent streets.

    In the modern day Mandu, massive stone buildings covered in rich green moss can be observed, so too can drawing artists and photographers from around the world. However, there is another group of people who find this ghost town irresistible for another reason – the paranormal activity.

    Paranormal investigators have also visited the city from all over the world, chasing the reports that spirits continue to roam the buildings and streets of this stone city. And the reports of their findings are incredible…

    Many people have witnessed spirits peering out at them from within the darkness of the stone rooms. It is said that these apparitions have eyes that glow yellow, and they sit back in the shadows, watching the tourists as they make their way through the buildings. These beings move silently from room to room within these buildings, never leaving any trace that they were there.

    Photographers have snapped photos of these beings, but strangely, they are never caught by the camera. Many have attempted to film them with hidden cameras, while others have set up cameras with night vision and infrared capabilities.

    It is said that one can see these spirits through the lens of the camera while they are filming or trying to take a photo, but as soon as the photo is developed or the film watched, all that is revealed is an empty room.

    Even the paranormal investigators and others who specialize in the field haven’t had any luck documenting or interacting with these watching specters. Many paranormal investigators have tried to catch EVP readings from these spirits, once again nothing is ever caught and recorded. It appears as though these beings are completely silent, completely elusive, and constantly watching.

    At night, however, there is a slight difference in the activity that takes place throughout the city. It is said that the sound of scratching can be heard within the walls of the buildings, as well as the sound of whispers. The spirits can still be seen in various places, but their eyes appear to be dimmer at night. They continue to withdraw into the darkness when approached, and vanish in the light.

    Some say that these are the spirits of those who once lived in the city, others say that they are those who have fallen in any of the many bloody battles that took place in the area. Some believe that these are the spirits of those who were sacrificed on the alters, and still others claim that these are the demons that the sacrifices were given to.

    Though it will never be fully understood who or what these beings are, it is certain that they are well aware of the living world, and they are studying it as much as possible.

    Silently, eerily, always watching you...


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