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    Saturday, September 30, 2017

    Color Magic - Understanding vibration of colors.

    Color Magic - Understanding vibration of colors.

    There are different types of color we come to use in our everyday life. But do you know each individual color in the spectrum gives out the different vibration frequencies to our body and our everyday surroundings. So, today i'm going to talk about these colors. Warm colors such as red and orange give out strong vibrations, while cool colors, like blues and pinks, give out passive vibrations.

    Our aura changes according to the vibrations we give out. So, lets take an example for it, When you are the last one to arrive for meeting. The room is filled with people and immediately you feel uncomfortable; all eyes are on you. When you entered the room, the room was already filled with color energies blending and mixing together. Then here you come from having some type of an altercation with the person that took your parking spot. Due to this inner anger your aura has gone from a pleasant yellow to a bright red in a matter of a millisecond. And you ask yourself why 90% of the people in the room are looking at you. Its because of the color fequency you are giving out.

    There are a list of colors and their meaning given below. Use this guide to help enhance the power of any of the spells in this book. Add color to your wardrobe to enhance your needs and wants. Carry a colored cotton cloth with you at all times to manifest the dreams you wish to come true or to change your aura's frequency.

    Amber : Develops psychic skills, Enhances your sexual drive, For communicating with spirits, For a deeper meditative state.

    Black : Wards off negativity, Removes hexes, Protects against evil workings, For truth in magical workings.

    Blue : Brings tranquility to the soul, Banishes anger, Heals the body and the self, For focus and relaxation before meditation, protects against others.

    Gold : Strengthens the mind, For intuition, For communicating with angels on the higher realm, For money spells.

    Green : Brings luck in business endeavors, Attracts money, Aids spiritual growth Heals the emotions, Good for children.

    Indigo : Useful when working with karma, For meditation, For psychic workings.

    Lavender : For spiritual development, Works against stress in the home and at work, Calms growing cancer cells, Helps bring peaceful sleep.

    Orange : Promotes encouragement.

    Pink : Attracts friendship, Brings love into your life, Bring love into your life, To honor the self, For communication between the self and spirit, For self love.

    Red : Enhances power, For strength to fight against the odds, for sexual passion for life, Enhances sexuality, Relieves depresion.

    White : Purifies the soul, For working with spiritual guides, protects against dark workings, Brings justice.

    Yellow : Promotes learning in the young and old, sparks intuition, Brings understanding when working with karma, For happiness in life.

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