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    Tuesday, August 1, 2017

    What Faeries Exactly Are?

    Information about Faeries/What exactly are faeries

    The fae are the spirits of the earth that exist outside of matter and the physical plane. Imagine an entirely different evolutionary process that took place right alongside our own, which started from the same origin as our own, but without the conditions of the dense physical plane to slow it down.Orion Foxwood says that the faery “live in a plane of influences, whereas humans live in a plane of effect.”

    We refer to this plane as the faery plane or sometimes just faery. Like us, the fae are the children of the earth, which in the world of spirits makes them like our half siblings. In a manner of speaking, we share the same matrilineal heritage, and that heritage grounds us into the earth deeper than any root we could tap ourselves. This by no means guarantees that they will like you; most of them despise us—and for good reason. We are the family members that always come to dinner, eat too much, leave a mess, and talk the whole way through the meal. Some of them are more willing than others to make friends, but some of them actually can be quite hostile to us.

    For the most part, the fae will always pick the side of Mother Nature over us. Why? Because they are connected to her consciousness and are often placed in charge of maintaining her specific needs. No place on earth is without its faery folk or free from their influence. The fae’s very existence is tied to the indwelling spirit of our planet. Sometimes they live close to our plane and sometimes they live in the most psychic domains in the faery realm, which we refer to as the kingdom.

    The fae are remarkable beings who have an interesting backstory. This is where things get super weird and tricky. Each fae is a spirit that sprang forth from the earth’s psychic field each time a new form of life emerged along the evolutionary process. There is at least one faery spirit born from each and every branch of evolution ever to exist on the planet, successful or not. Think of every division of life that has ever been on our planet each having a faery spirit attached to it. In addition, the descendants of the first spirits who came here—the ones who live in the rocks and minerals, whose essence sprang from a meadow or a spring such as the elves, dwarves, and trolls—are also known as faery. Some of them live on our plane, but the majority of them live on the faery plane.

    The faery plane intersects with each plane associated with the physical world. It reaches far into our underworld and far up through our overworld. The beings that reside within the faery plane can exist on any one of those planes in any number of ways.The originating frequency of Z energy that comprises all things can be divided into many subfrequencies. Using the model that I presented to you earlier, we mustn’t get too caught up in the concept that the planes stack on top of each other perfectly. When we look at the faery plane and the physical plane side by side as bands of subfrequencies, the difference between them is more like the difference between AM and FM. They both ride the same current of energy, however are doing so at different wavelengths, each capable of carrying multiple bands of frequency (stations) within them.

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