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    Sunday, July 23, 2017

    Marie Laveaux Banishing Doll Ritual

    Marie Laveaux Banishing Doll Ritual

    Here is a simple banishing spell that is believed to have originated with Marie Laveaux, the infamous Voodoo Queen of New Orleans. Marie Laveaux’s bottle spell is simple, yet it is a classic of New Orleans hoodoo. For this spell you will need:

    Items needed


    Four Thieves vinegar

    Parchment paper

    Small doll made from black cloth, or store-bought doll dressed in black

    On a piece of parchment paper, write the name of the person you want to leave. Attach it to the doll and stuff the doll into the bottle. Fill the bottle with Four Thieves vinegar and seal it. Throw the bottle into the Mississippi River or any moving body of water. According to legend, Marie Laveaux asserts that as the bottle is carried away by the water, so shall this person be removed from your location.

    Digest for seven or eight days, with occasional agitation. Pour off the liquor, press out the remainder, and filter the mixed liquids. It is said that this medicated vinegar was invented by four thieves of Marseilles, who successfully employed it as a prophylactic during a visitation of . pestilence.

    Formula for Four Thieves Vinegar Rosemary tops, dried, 4 oz.

    Sage flowers, dried, 4 oz.

    Lavender flowers, dried, 2 oz.

    Rue, fresh, 1 ½ oz.

    Camphor, dissolved in spirit, 1 oz.

    Garlic, sliced, ¼ oz.

    Cloves, bruised, 1 drm

    Distilled wine vinegar, strongest, 1 gal.

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