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    Saturday, March 26, 2016

    Mississippi Death DOll Black Magic Ritual/spell

    Mississippi Death DOll Black Magic Ritual/spell

    This spell belongs in the class of hoodoo spells referred to as death conjure or killing hurts, it goes without saying that you should not attempt it.Here, it is provided for its folkloric and entertainment value only.So, I really suggest you not to try this as there's always great risk of black magic backfire at you.

    If you have an enemy that you want to “disappear,” then make this Mississippi paper death doll.

    When the moon is changing from full to waning, take a newspaper and cut it out in the shape of a person, naming the image after the person you wish to kill.

    Stick a brass pin in the image multiple times, going from the head to the feet (so as to “bear him down”).

    Then get a small box and lay the image in it like a man in a coffin. Just as the sun goes down, dig a hole in a cemetery and bury the box. Your enemy will surely die—“goes down wid de sun.”

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