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    Sunday, January 31, 2016

    (Method of Communicating Spirits/Dead)-Table-Tipping

    séance(Method of Communicating Spirits/Dead)-Table-Tipping

    Table-tipping—sometimes called table “turning”—was one of the very earliest methods of communicating with spirit. Shortly after the initial “rap session” that the Fox sisters had with the spirit of the peddler Charles B. Rosna, they moved on to table-tipping as a much faster and more accurate method. Nandor Fodor, author and psychic-science investigator, described table-tipping as “the crudest form of communication with the subconscious self or with extraneous intelligences.”6 Crude or not, tables have been used for hundreds of years—if not for spirit communication, then certainly for divination.

    Tables are usually used by a group of people. They sit around with fingertips resting lightly on the outer edge of the top surface. The spokesperson for the group will then call out to spirit, trying to make contact. When contact is established, the table will rock up onto one or two of its legs and then drop back down onto the ground again. A code is established for the number of such thumps for yes and the number for no so that questions may be asked.

    Working alone, it is recommended that you use a three-legged table, though four legs will work fine. It’s said that an all-wood table is best, one with no metal incorporated into it. In other words, the legs should either be glued into the top or wooden pegs should be used rather than screws or nails. If you truly believe that this will make a difference, then go with it. However, many people believe that it makes no difference whether or not there is metal contained in the table—some have even worked with an all-metal table. It’s what you yourself believe that matters.

    With the three-legged table, sit with the two legs—one on either side of your own legs. With your fingers resting on the surface in front of you, this arrangement will then facilitate the table tipping toward you. When you begin, make the statement to spirit that tipping the table toward you constitutes yes and tipping

    it away from you (to either side) constitutes no as an answer to any question asked.

    In order to get full messages, ask spirit to tip up the table on two of its legs (it doesn’t really matter which two) and to drop back down when you call out the correct letter of the alphabet. For example, if the answer to a question, coming from spirit, is “daytime,” then the table will remain poised on its two legs while you call out “A—B—C—D . . .” At “D” it will drop down to indicate that letter. The next time it would drop would be when you call “A” and then when you go to “Y,” and so on.

    Start your table-tipping session with a meditation, building the white light, and then proceed to a gentle singing of something melodic and light. You may prefer to simply hum. If you play an instrument, then utilize that, playing for a few moments before laying down the instrument and placing your fingers on the table. Pray if you feel the need to. Study the photograph or artifact of the spirit you want to contact and then relax and call on him or her to join you. State: “If you are here, would you please tip the table? Thank you.” Keep speaking like this until the table does tip—which it will do.

    Make a list of questions beforehand, as many as possible that can be answered either yes or no. This will be more rewarding, in many ways, than having the spirit try to spell out long messages. If a message, or a name, is being spelled out and you think you know what is being attempted, don’t hesitate to ask. For example, if spirit spells out “M-I-C-H . . .” you can shout out “Michael?” If you are right, then the table will give the thump for yes and you will have saved some time and energy. Again, keep a careful record of what you receive. A tape recorder can help here, but be sure to transcribe the results as soon as possible after the session.

    Occasionally the table will rock up onto two legs and then go on to balance on just one leg. From there it will many times start to rotate (hence the term “table turning”), and you will have to get out of your seat and run around trying to keep up with it. This can be a very strong indication of spirit communication. (I have even been at a séance where the table has “walked” across the room and stopped at a bookcase, when it needed to refer to a specific title. Don’t be surprised at anything spirit does!)

    Do keep your fingers on the top edge of the table and try not to apply too much pressure. It is, after all, spirit who will use your muscles to cause the table to tip. Don’t fight any tendency for the table to tilt but don’t try to direct the tipping yourself.

    Wish you Luck Guys if you wanna try it....

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