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    Friday, January 22, 2016

    Magic Spell to Release Old Loves of the Past

    A Spell to Release Old Loves of the Past

    Sometimes what keeps you moving forward is affection lingering from your past. Samhain, at a time where time itself is in an in-between phase, is an excellent time to release that energy. By letting go of old karmic bonds, you gift yourself a chance to move forward with your life.

    You will need a cord or a piece of twine that is large enough to tie around your waist with an additional two feet of cord remaining. Also, get some lemongrass essential oil for after your work. To make sure that these changes are irreversible, rub a little walnut oil on your fingers.

    Since spells of release act as cleansing ceremonies, make sure you take a bath beforehand, concentrating on all you want to send to the beyond. Once you have bathed, dress comfortably and establish your sacred space. Take the cord around your waist, and while around you, add timber hitch knots to tie the ends together, adding one knot for each relationship energy you intend to release. As you tie each knot, think about a specific person and the intense memories, connections, and feelings you carry for that person. Take care to remember both the good and the bad thoroughly. Follow this process for each knot until you no longer have any remaining cord.

    Spread your arms and legs apart, imitating Da Vinci’s Vitruvian man, and close your eyes. Visualize the way these energies bind you and how they disrupt the flow of energy between you and the greater universe. Once you feel this energy as viscerally as you can, pick up the last knot you tied, and untie it. Take a few deep breaths as the energy from that bind flows back out into the universe and out of your life.

    When you have untied all the knots, let the rope drop from your waist to the floor. Rub your hands and your solar plexus in a lemongrass-scented oil, taking deep breaths as the oil soaks into your skin. Then anoint the crown of your head, your heart, and your belly, giving yourself a fresh capacity to connect to others in a loving way. After cleaning your sacred space, you should either burn or bury the cord.

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