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    Wednesday, December 30, 2015

    Existence of Ghost, Demons, Spirits, Witches Explained

    Existence of Ghost, Demons, Spirits, Witches Explained

    Ghost, Demons, and Witches etc if these words are to be summarized then it can be called as bad vibration. This all work on us in means of vibration, and sometimes this vibration are so intense that it can be seen. So, some people may believe that ghost demons etc are not real hence they are all myths; they are right in their own perspective because Ghost, Demons, and Spirits they don’t have flesh and bones as we do.

    And those who believe that they exist may see those beings, for example: We may watch our favorite movie star in Television if you were to ask they exist in Television then in reality they aren’t there but you can see them in television as a result of radio waves. But as you can get good feelings watching lead actor and bad feelings watching the villain it exist the feelings isn’t it, SO those feelings are reality.

    Ok let’s take an scientific example:- Let’s talk about nitrogen, if vibration of nitrogen is changed, lets say if it is increased then it cannot be seen as it disappear in air in form of gas and if its vibration is reduced to extreme then it takes form of liquid. So, you cannot actually see nitrogen in form of gas and exactly opposite if it is in liquid form you can see it, so what to say about it exist or not? In one frequency it can be seen and in other it disappear in air, Like that these beings ghost, Spirits and demons appear in layer of air if their vibration is enough and if it isn’t strong enough it can’t be seen.

    That’s why it can’t be said Ghost exist in their physical form but it exist in sense of Vibration, actually in form of bad vibration and it has capacity to affect us in form of vibration.

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