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    Sunday, April 12, 2015

    The Musical chair Ritual and Game.....

    The Musical Chair Ritual/Game

    I personally have never played this game ... as it sound scary in the first place. so if anybody wants to try this try at your own risk. i don't know how much geniune is this ritual. But sounds surely scary to me.

    Players: 1


    A chair.

    A match.

    Something with which to play music.

    A recording of “Tiptoe Through the Tulips.”

    A quiet, dark room — empty if possible.


    Begin at midnight. Prepare the room: Draw the curtains. Make sure no light leaks into the room. Set up your music-playing device — whether it’s a CD player, a computer, a smartphone, an MP3 player with a speaker, or something else is up to you. Cue up “Tiptoe Through the Tulips.” Place the chair in the middle of the room. Turn the lights off. Hold the match in your hand, but do not light it. Play the music and begin the game. Walk around the chair six times. If the music stops: Sit down and light the match. Congratulations — you win. If the music keeps playing: You’ve invited something into your home… but it doesn’t want to play. If the chair falls over on its own: Leave the room. Do not look at the chair. Do not enter that room alone again — ever.

    Additional Notes:

    The instructions do not specify what to do in the event that the music continues playing. This is what makes the game so dangerous: It has too many unknown quantities. In the event that this outcome occurs, I would recommend aborting the game and performing a purification ritual (burning a sage stick, spreading salt, etc.); however, there is no guarantee that whatever you’ve invited in will leave, even if you perform such a ritual. If you need it:

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