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    Monday, March 9, 2015

    Special Ritual to Hypnotize mass People.

    Special Ritual to Hypnotize mass People.

    With This Ritual it is said that if you mastered this Ritual you could hypnotize people around you. but these people should be near you or in your eye contact lets say. so, let see about the Rituals and the special requirement of this Ritual... and Yes this ritual is pass down by Hindu Sages.

    The Mastery to perform this ritual is to be gained during the period of any Solar or Lunar Eclipse, Holi(Hindu festival), Navratri(according to hindu calender Special hindu festival), Sankranti(according to hindu calender), Diwali or any other auspicious Hindu date or festival.


    Om Namo Bhagvati Paad Pankaj Paraagebhyah !!!

    This given Spell is to be chanted continuously 125,000 times, taking a break only for essential things such as going to the toilet. During this period, the practitioner should eat only pure vegetarian food and avoid spicy and non-vegetarian food and alcohol. The practitioner can use any convenient counting rosary such as rudrakshya special beads devoted to lord Shiva(Highest ranked Hindu God in field of Spirit world), or any other at your choice.

    And to use this ritual in real person practitioner has to chant this given spell three times after getting the mastery over such ritual as described above. And while using this spell or ritual person have to be near in eye contact range to practitioner.

    hope this post help you guys in some way...

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