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    Tuesday, March 10, 2015

    Special Ritual and spell to Know future , present, and past of yours.

    Special Ritual and spell to Know future , present, and past of yours.

    This is the Ritual i'm writing about is the ritual which is said to give you the paranormal ability to see into your future, Past , and present . and this ability is to see your future past and present in your dream is said to be bestow you this ability by the mystical femine being called chi chi pisachni(is said to be guardian of the specific treasure or power).


    Om Kreem Hreem CHi CHi Pisachini Swaha!!

    The Ritual is done in this way - Kesar [Saffron], Gorochan and Milk should be mixed together to prepare a paste. After that Take this paste,and using a pointed stick an Ashtakamal [Lotus Flower having 8 petals] should be drawn on a Blue Bhojpatra. On every one of the 8 petals the seed spell [Hreem] has to be written.

    The Chichi Pishachini Yantra has to be offered incense, flowers and a Diya(Special mud lamp) of pure Ghee and energized. Then it has to be tied to the head and the Chichi Pishachini spell given here has to be chanted ten thousand times. This Ritual has to be practiced continuously for 7 days.

    And if you successfully pleased the femine being then femine being will be in your dream to give you the information about present past and future.

    Trying this or not is your own choice its for only informational purpose i'm not responsible for any mishaps latter.... this mystical being is said to be dangerous so be careful.

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