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    Thursday, March 5, 2015

    Hindu religion Spell To Call Ghost or Spirits and Bind Them To Do Your Work

    Hindu religion Spell To Call Ghost or Spirits and Bind Them To Do Your Work.

    This is a unique and rare spell here i am giving for calling spirit and ghost using this ancient hindu spell. With this it is said that you can make ghost or spirits to come to you and make them do your work.

    The spirit for which this Sadhana used is of a departed human being. This ritual has to be conducted on a Shani Amavasya { when the new moon as per the Hindu Lunar Calendar falls on a Saturday].Amavasya is a day on which Hindu sages practices are widely practiced as the energy in the body and the atmosphere vibrates at a higher frequency on this day.

    At midnight the practitioner has to sit under a Babool [Acacia nilotica] tree and light a fire from the twigs of the Calotropis gigantea (Crown flower) tree Aak or Madar in the Hindi language. The practitioner has to make an offering of Black Sesame Seeds and Black Gram/Black Lentil by throwing these two items in the fire while chanting the mantra given here. He has also to make a cut on his palm and let some blood drop on the ground.

    Spell :

    Om Saal Saliya Mosal Vaai Kaag Padhanta Ghai Ghai Om Lam Lam Thah Thah


    It is said doing this will make the spirit of departed human being manifest and it will be forever be attracted to the practitioner and will be under his control and do his bidding.

    And lastly this is for only educational purpose do it at your own risk ...

    Hope you enjoy reading it....

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