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    Wednesday, September 10, 2014



    NEVER IGNORE THESE DREAMS _________________________________________ In general our dream world is a reflection of our waking world. Symbols in our dreams can and do affect our lives. They are important images that give us an insight into ourselves, but only if they are properly understood. Here are six common and significant dream scenarios and their meaning.

    Flying dreams are very common and can indicate power or confidence issues. The key moment is when you lift off in the dream. When you do so, you conquer your limitations. Flying is a freedom beyond normal human abilities, so when we fly, we recognize our own personal sense of power, or lack thereof. Your state of mind should also be revealed by your dream's flight. A smooth take off is a blessing, but falling when in flight usually denotes a moral issue. In the Hindu belief system of India, flying represents the ability to astral travel. This means that you can fly to actual locations in a dream state.

    Food dreams are usually more about food for thought, but can also reflect unfulfilled desires. If we are not satisfied with life, we tend to try to satiate ourselves in our dreams and food seems to be the number one choice for that. Each food that appears in a dream can have a particular significance, determined largely by its shape and color. The walnut, for instance, represents mental ability, whereas a mango usually represents lust.

    The symbolism of being chased in a dream is an indicator of anxiety and fear, because you're vulnerable. You are being physically threatened or you would not be running away. How you deal with being chased in your dreams reflects how you cope with pressure and stress in your waking life. Being chased could symbolize an avoidance of confrontation, but you can also use this as a tool. Turning around and facing your pursuer in the dream will aid you at facing difficult situations in your daily life. If the dream pursuer turns out to be you, it is because many characters in your dreams are splintered aspects of yourself and means you are pushing yourself to get beyond your fears.

    Mystical objects in a dream, like a cross, unicorn, or tribal deity usually pertain to a yearning to believe in something spiritual, or a higher power. You have placed this object in your dream as a type of punctuation, reminding you to look for a deeper meaning. There is probably something in your life that is being hidden from you. In your dream you sense this, and give the unknown special meaning. You do this because you realize that it does have a power over you. In ancient traditions a sacred object in a dream was seen as a spiritual message leading you to your destiny.

    Being naked in a dream can have a variation of meanings depending on your life situation at the time. Clothes always symbolize concealment, because humans are the only animal that hides their bodies under them. If everyone else is clothed, being naked represents vulnerability and probably your need to be accepted. Nakedness in a dream can also mean that you are hiding something about yourself and are afraid others will find out. On the flipside, it can mean that you have nothing to hide from others' scrutiny or have a desire like an exhibitionist to be the center of attention.

    Animals in dreams have specific meanings depending on what type of animal it is. In general, the animal either represents a part of your personality or your fears and hopes. If the animal is wild it probably relates to the untamed subconscious part of your personality. If it is a domesticated animal it is either your conscious tamed mind or a particular animal that has meaning in your life. There are many cultures that still believe that an animal in your dream represents your totem spirit - the animal your personality is most like. It is believed that a person can learn to follow this totem animal in his or her dream to find the true self. If that animal speaks it represents hidden knowledge that cannot be obtained by conventional sources. Hopefully, by defining the meanings of dreams we can learn more about who we are. Our dream states are less protected, and many feelings we cannot or are afraid to express in waking time come out in them. Sweet dreams.

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