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    Wednesday, August 6, 2014

    Paranormal Scary Ritual/Game Called Little Finger

    Paranormal Scary Game : "Little Finger"

    The Little Finger is a scary game from Japan about a strange dream. This is a Japanese urban legend and it is said that only children or teenagers can experience this dream.

    Little Finger

    The Little Finger is a very dangerous game. You may want to think twice before playing it. To play this game, there is no complicated ritual to perform, no candles to light and no strange chants to repeat. All you have to do is read the following story.

    Important Note: If you don’t want to play this game, stop reading now. This is the story of a dream.

    In the dream you are standing by a riverbank. A thick fog hangs over everything. You see an old woman crouching next to a gate. She is desperately looking for something, rummaging through the tall grass.

    “what are you looking for?” you ask. The old woman turns around. “I am looking for a little finger,” she replies.

    She holds out her left hand and, sure enough, the little finger is missing. “Can you help me look for it?” she asks.

    You have to say, “Yes,” and when you do, the search for the little finger begins. You have to find her little finger, because if you don’t, you will never be able to wake up again.

    Now that you have read this story, you will have the dream within the next seven days


    1. please tell me tis is fake

      1. Yes it did! Hell, don't read this!! I read it and I had the dream, I almost didn't come back! I saw the little finger near some rocks over by the river bank, but sometimes it is hidden in different places

      2. Oops I read it

      3. Just saying but what happens I don't wake up from this

      4. I'm pretty sure it is, or else this would be on the news or something.

    2. oh my god I read this I have an issue with trying to find things but seeing how my fate has been sealed, and I got a week to live before my life is on thin ice, I will do what it takes to make sure this dream doesn't haunt me ever again

    3. omg two days ago I was sleeping over at a friends house and I was falling asleep I was dreaming about something then my body jerked and I woke up could I have almost fallen into the little finger dream?

    4. What ever you do DO NOT FUCKING read this dream. I was over at a friends house with two others so four in total. We all read it. I had it that night, and I found it in my pocket, thank the lord. Two of my friends never had it, I don't think they read it fully. One never woke up again.