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    Sunday, July 27, 2014

    Paranormal Ritual -- After Six Murders

    Paranormal Ritual -- Six Murders

    _______________________________________ Put a curse on someone with the ritual "Six Murders." Procedure:

    1. Find a secluded place where you are not likely to encounter other humans. (Somewhere without buildings around it is the best.)*1

    2. Use your finger to draw a circle on the ground, and stand at the centre of the circle with bare feet, facing wherever you fancy.

    3. Slit the tip of your finger with a knife or other such object, and let the blood drop to the ground.

    4. Chant "one person is not enough, two people are not enough, three people are not enough...." and so on, until you get to five people.

    5. Finally, say "I want six people" and chop off the finger you wounded before from its base.

    6. Bury the finger inside the circle and leave. (You must begin by walking 6 steps towards the direction you were facing before. After that you can go wherever you want.)

    7. After you leave the place, the sixth person who sees you (or hears your voice) will die within six days. Note: Only the sixth person will be affected; nothing will happen to anyone from the seventh onwards. Procedure from 3 to 7 must be done in silence. If you utter even one word you will end up dead yourself. *2 Apparently you must not be seen by anyone while you perform this ritual, but it is not known what happens to you if someone actually sees you.

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    1. What the heck?? Why would ANYONE do this??