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    Monday, April 28, 2014

    Paranormal - The Statue Of Goddess Of Death

    The Statue Of Goddess Of Death. ___________________________________________

    Paranormal - The Goddess Of Death

    This limestone statue stands 36cm tall and is well over 5500 years old. It was discovered in Lemba (also Lempa), Cyprus, in 1878 and itd>s believed to be a carving of the goddess of fertility. But many now regard it as cursed and as such it now has the nickname 'Goddess of Death'! The first owner to house the priceless statue in their private collection was a Lord Elphont. Back in those days many artifacts of the past ended up in private collections rather than institutions of antiquities and museums and no doubt such an old find was considered one of Elphonts prized possessions.

    Except he was dead within six years, along with seven members of his immediate family. Next came Ivor Manucci, who within four years of taking the statue into his collection, was dead along with much of his immediate family. This pattern was repeated again and again and soon the statue was said to be cursed.

    One family, the last to have it in their private collection, seemed to be a little more fortunate. Only the male head of the family died along with his wife and two daughters, leaving behind two sons. These sons got rid of the statue and donated it the Edinburgh Museum in Scotland. It was here that the curse struck once more - the chief of the section that the statue is housed also died soon after.

    This will hopefully be the last death as the statue now sits behind glass where no human hands may touch it. So cursed, coincidence or just all legend?

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