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    Saturday, March 15, 2014

    Some Wonderful Remedies That " Red Book" Teaches.

    What Mysterious "Red Book" Says about Our Daily life remedies

    1. Regarding Junk And Unused Items In Home

    2. Its Common in every home or in office that junk or unused items or broken utensils are stored in. So, it is belived that these unused items and junk attracts malefic energy which will harm the peace and harmony of the place. And using such broken utensils are not good for peace and harmony of the place. So, it is advised to get rid of these items for domestic harmony and prosperity.

    3. Respecting elders
    4. Sometimes people say disrespective words about elders and Saints. It's not advice to dis-respect the elders and Saints because it'll certainly bring bad day to you.

    5. About Our Eating Habits
    6. Eating our meal sitting in bed is not advised according to this book. But, if you eat sitting in kitchen while stove or cooking gas is still on this is said to remove ill effect of Rahu.

    7. About Increasing Your Financial Condition
    8. According to Red book you can increase your financial condition by feeding hungry monkeys in temple. So, try this one. If anything else doesn't work.

    9. Improve you relation with you spouse
    10. This book suggest that by regularly feeding cow you can have your marital life blessed and happy.

    11. About Improving Your Health or Getting Good Health
    12. By feeding Crows and by feeding Fish you can get good health this Red Book Suggest.

    13. Uplift Your Business Or Service Condition
    14. The following four simple ways can do wonders in improving your business.
      (a) Feed yellow coloured sweet rice or wheat flour halwa (Indian sweet preparation) to poor and children.
      (b) Offer ‘besankeladoo’(sweet balls made of black gram flour) in a temple but remember not to take it home as Prasaad or eat yourself.
      (c) Offer seven yellow coloured fresh flowers in a temple on the statue of gods and goddesses.
      (d) Apply everyday a spot on your forehead of turmeric paste made with water.

    15. For Removing Obstacles In Your Life
    If you are facing Continous trouble and Obstacles in your life then try this remedy.keep pure water in a copper utensil beside your bed at night and water a potted tulsi (Basil) plant with it in the morning.

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