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    Saturday, January 4, 2014

    What Is Paranormal Portal??

    Paranormal Portals

    Portals are doorways for another dimension. These doorways are used by ghosts, spirits, energy, and imps, etc. to enter our world. Occult practices, such as Ouija Boards, and séances can open portals. Once a portal is open you cannot control what comes through it.

    Two famous haunted places that are believed to have portals are the Bell Witch Cave in Adams, Tennessee and the White House in Washington, D.C. Note: sometimes vortex and portal are used interchangeably but these two words have different meanings.

    Portals sometimes are associated with mirrors. In fact it is believed that negative energy in particular likes to use mirrors to come and go from our world. This is why some superstitions dictate you should never hang a mirror on an outside wall (i.e. a wall without another room connected to it) or it can become a portal. Another superstition dictates if a person dies in a room any mirrors in that room should be covered. It is believed if the deceased are reflected their souls will be drawn in by negative energy-—specifically the devil, which prevents the soul from moving on.

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