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    Saturday, January 4, 2014

    The Protective Spirits

    Protective Spirits

    Whether they are referred to as protective spirits or guardian angels many people believe that there is something out there that watches over us and protects us. Whether there is a religious connotation placed upon this belief or not, I find that most people I have discussed this with have at least entertained the notion that protective spirits do help us.

    My group has helped two client recently. The first owns a shop that has several protective spirits in residence that protect her and her store. When she or her daughter smell cigar smoke and then a floral scent they know they are being warned of some danger connected to the store or themselves. The store was a warehouse from the early 1900’s and is over two stories high. The daughter was standing on a scaffolding at the front of the store painting the exterior wall. She smelled these two scents so she climbed down and then a strong wind blew the scaffolding down.

    The St. James Hotel in Cimarron, NM was the site of many gunfights at the turn of the century. One man who was shot and killed in the hotel was T.J. Wright. The hotel keeps the room where he stayed and died locked to the general public because of the negative energy it pulsates. But the St. James also has a protective spirit, “Mary Lambert” the second wife of the man who built the hotel. While investigating the second floor near T. J. Wrights’ room each of my investigators and myself individually smelled gunpowder and then Mary’s floral scent sweeping down the hall to protect us from T. J.

    The majority of spirits I have encountered over the years have fit into this category. Some have been indifferent, some playful, but most have been positive in nature. I feel the reason for this is I actively seek out the positive. I do not court or waste my time with negative energy. Therefore most often than not negative energy leaves me alone.

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