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    Friday, January 3, 2014

    Some Really interesting paranormal belief around Asia you need to check out this.

    Some Really interesting belief around the Asia

    A most interesting paranormal belief which is followed by some while going for some important work, is to follow a specific practice, for each day of the week, just before leaving the house. These practices, it is said ensure success in the important work you are going for.

    This is not to spread superstition,but to give interesting information,on the numerous paranormal beliefs.

    Sunday - While leaving the house, Look at your reflection in the mirror.

    Monday - Apply white vermillion on your forehead.

    Tuesday - Put some Coriander seeds in the mouth .

    Wednesday - Eat a little bit jaggery.

    Thursday - While going out put a little bit of Mustard Seeds in Your mouth.

    Friday - Eat a little bit of Curd - Rice.

    Saturday - Put some vavding seeds[Babreny] in the mouth.

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